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If for ANY reason you are unhappy with this product please email scott@100kwelder.com for a full, prompt refund. Thank you.



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"OK, Here Is My Insanely Ridiculous  Guarantee"

Just to take all the fear out of it for you, I've decided to guarantee my course with 100% money back guarantee.

Just email me at scott@100kwelder.com for a full, prompt refund

Guarantee #1 If for ANY reason you are not completely satisfied "The 100k Welder Course" even if you don’t like the color of the cover just send me a personal email any time in the next 360 days for a full, prompt refund and I will insist you keep all my bonus gifts for you FREE just for giving "The 100k Welder Course" an honest evaluation. Fair enough?

"I take all the risk for you
- It's impossible for you
to make a mistake

Guarantee #2 Simply follow the steps in my course and if you don't certify for your 6G, I will refund your money.  When you do get your 6G I will personally work with you one-on-one until you get a job. If for some reason I fail (and I won’t) I will gladly reach into my own pocket and buy "The 100k Welder Course" back from you for $29 more than your purchase price. I am this sure this will work for you.

If you have any trouble getting the Book / Course:
Please Call Julie Linden (24/7) at: 760-964-2336
Leave a clear Message.  She will call you ASAP.